The Foundation Antoni Cambrodí has maintained contacts, relationships and exchanges with numerous professionals from universities, centers, institutions, associations, groups… of Catalunya, Spain and South America, related with intellectual disabilities and related issues.

These relationships have derived into collaborations and working ties and exchanges that have lasted for varying periods of time.

At present we can highlight the collaboration agreements with:

The University Isabel I with which we have a collaboration agreement for the support of an associated institution to the forementioned university in Tarragona, in the premises of the FAC. From the Associated Center different aspects related to the promotion and dissemination of broad training imparted online by this private university are managed.


Piaget University Institute for Human, Integral and Ecological Development, with whom we have a longstanding relationship of cooperation and exchanges. Today we highlight the cooperation agreement to share common spaces between its the two sites: its subsidiary institution, the Institut Piaget of Catalunya, and the Foundation Antoni Cambrodí.