Welcome to the Antoni Cambrodí 

Welcome to the Antoni Cambrodí Foundation. We are a private non-profit foundation, with over 35 years of experience in the study and psycho-habilitative and psychoeducational treatment of children and adolescents with developmental difficulties, educational needs or intellectual disability (intellectual functional diversity). We are here to guide you on these issues.

We start with a renewed situation, from our methodology and experience, with a new team and new perspectives. Our methodology or evolutionary paradigm is based on 3 elements:

- An explanatory theory of the construction and evolution of intellectual disability.
- Some evaluation tools of their competences to assess their needs.
- A psychoeducational program to bolster the curriculum and guide the responses.

We have accumulated research and experience that allow us to offer proposals, suggestions and answers to problems posed in educational and social fields towards the functional diversity of people and their social inclusion.


We offer a range of psychologically habilitative services, psycho-pedagogical and training activities such as:

- Skills evaluation and interpretation of results to people with evolutionary age from 0 to 12 years.
- Advice and guidance to parents, teachers and groups of affected people, about cases or groups.
- Psycho-pedagogical, psychological and social skills treatments following careful evaluation.
- Training and advice to University and professional educators who may be interested.