Antoni Cambrodí-Institute for Evolutionary Psychology Foundation (FAC-IPE) is a private non-profit Foundation. It was created in Tarragona in 1982 by Dr. Antoni Cambrodí and a large group of collaborators. Currently it offers suggestions and proposals to address the challenges of functional diversity and social inclusion in the fields of education and social participation.

Its main objectives are:

A) To study and investigate new concepts and applications in the field of educational needs and intellectual disabilities.

B) To improve and spread the Cambrodí System (Evolutionary Theory, Assessment of Competences and Application in Education) as a proposal to understand and address the educational, intellectual disability and much of the functional diversity of people.

C) To exchange information, in a theoretical and practical level, with professionals involved in education and improving the quality of life of those individuals affected by intellectual disabilities.

D) To provide educational psychological services that stress on the prevention when it comes to fragility, vulnerability or evolutionary risk; and improvement when it comes to incapacity or intellectual disabilities.

E) Developing the basic purposes provided for in the statutes of the Foundation.